Communication is key. Here are some commonly asked questions we hope are helpful when choosing us to be your next service provider.

You are our priority

It depends. If it’s a full service move (a move with a moving truck) our trucks come equipped with blankets, dollies, basic hand tools and straps.

If it’s a labor only move, our crews will be equipped with tools and dollies.

All of our moves are 2 hour minimums.

No. Your rate will never increase unless you decide to add more manpower.

In an effort to keep hourly rates affordable and avoid frequent price increases, we charge a fuel charge to cover the fuel, wear and tear, tolls and help with maintenance. We always make an effort to keep these prices reasonable but note they do fluctuate according to the price of fuel, oil or any increases in transportation costs.

No, there is a small fee but wrap is optional.

Other companies incorporate the cost of wrap in the fees even if they don’t tell you. We believe you shouldn’t have to pay for something you will not use. Therefore, we only charge you if you decide you want wrap. The cost of the roll is $30 but if you do not use the entire roll we will only charge you for what you use. Most customers use less than a roll.

The time starts when the movers arrive at the first pick up location and stops when the move is complete. Many of our competitors start the clock when they leave their office.

If the movers break for lunch the time is stopped unless the customer agrees to allow the time to continue.
Sometimes. If you book a move within 7 days of your move date we take the trip charge in advance. If you book an out of town move we charge 10% of the estimated price. All deposits made are applied to the bill.
We take cash, all major credit cards, cashapp, zelle and venmo. Please note, all card payments will have an increased hourly rate (usually $5 an hour more).

Movers at unload will estimate to the best of their abilities how long it will be until they are done. We take payment for this time but refund any monies if the time ends by more than 30 mins. If the movers are still working after the prepaid time, we will charge the difference.

For long distance moves we charge half at load, and the other half before unload.

Unfortunately, we have had people who do not pay for their services. This practice is also recommended by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, which is the agency who regulates the moving industry.

Yes. Unless we see it is unsafe to do so.

We can usually dismount TV’s if the movers feel it is safe to do so. We definitely CANNOT mount or make holes in any walls.

Yes. Anyone who provides moving services has to be licensed and insured. If a company does not provide their TXDMV number, BEWARE!

Yes. Please contact us to confirm availability.

Tips are always appreciated. Like most service based industries, the rule of thumb is usually 15% on up. However, we understand if this is something that you are not able to do. So any amount of tip is appreciated.

We strive to make every move a stress-free move. However, accidents do happen. For all claims, please contact us to make sure we can start the claims process as soon as possible.

Depending on the weather, we may delay the start time if the movers have not been dispatched to your move. If the movers are onsite they are left to make the decision on whether it is safe to proceed.

Yes, except baby grand and grand pianos.

We are able to move standard pool tables, upright pianos, spinet piano and gun safes depending on size and weight.Gun safes must be empty. Please note, depending on size and weight we may require more movers onsite.

Contact us for more information.

Yes. We know some movers will move a dresser full but these are the reasons why we suggest that we don’t. When moving a dresser, the movers tilt it to one side to place it on the dolly. This means all of our times will shift.

Depending on the quality of your dresser we have seen the back and the board the clothes sit on pop out, causing damage. It also creates more weight for the movers which may not seem much, but it does add up.

Also, if you have small items in the dressers like costume jewelry, buttons, safety pins, this will most likely fall out. If you have a dresser the entire drawers can come out then instead of taking your items out, just remove the entire drawer.

  • Valuables (jewelry, cash, etc).
  • Medication
  • Weapons/ammunition
  • Explosives
  • Grand/Baby Grand Pianos
  • Flammables, including alcohol.

We can, however we prefer you transport them in your own car. Reason being, we have no way to strap or secure live plants, therefore they will most likely tip over.

Yes, however a fuel needs to be emptied out beforehand.

Yes, contact us so we can ask a few questions before going forward.

Definitely not. We have moved tens of thousands of families since we began in 2012, even if the amount of reviews does not reflect that. With both a claim and complaint rate of less than 1%, you can rest assured we will always do our best to make sure your move is one of the best ones you’ve ever had.